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The Founder
Lydia Iracheta

Here’s the thing about us: we don’t just follow the path – we create our own.

My curious mind and respect towards people, cultures, and nature have taken me all over the world, offering me the opportunity to study many different disciplines. Communication, with or without words, is what drives my passions, which is why my work is interdisciplinary.

I’ve been teaching Spanish for over twenty years to students of all levels, worked as school director for five, and I collaborate with the digital department of the publishing house, Difusión. I know exactly what it takes to build a modern, creative, and remarkable context for language learning.

Sobremesa·Institute allows me to help students learn the language I love because it’s the place where all the things I care for come together.

Break away from the ordinary, and join our unconventional crew!

Our Manifesto

We believe

that the real risk is not changing.

a language is built with more than words.

that every person deserves to enjoy the process of learning a new language.

that Spanish can be taught in a modern, creative, unconventional, and remarkable environment.

that art is a powerful tool at the service of language.

in reframing the connections between Spanish students and Mediterranean culture.

that teachers are givers.

We work hard to provide outstanding quality.
We do everything with passion and nothing but passion.

Spanish Course by Lydia Iracheta

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