Barcelona Immersions

The coolest and most engaging way to master your Spanish

November 10 – 16 · November 10 – 16 · November 10 – 16 · November 10 – 16 ·

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Registration kicks off on June 6th.
(*)Very limited space

Our highly comprehensive Spanish immersion


Total Spanish immersion:
7 days, 6 nights.


Fully customized
one-on-one lessons, optimized for each individual’s needs.


Dynamic group conversation lessons accelerating your path to fluency.


Daily check-ins and feedback exchange to assess the students progress.


Cultural workshops centered around language, led by some
of the local artists we love.


Visits to local artist studios and galleries with insight from experts in the scene.


Private curated dining gatherings at exclusive locations.


Experiences that bring people together around shared interests and values.

A sneak peek of the program

(*) Full program available on June 6th

The spaces

The house

It is located in the most interesting and up and coming neighbourhood in the city. They host a plethora of events, workshops, exhibitions, and collaborations with artists giving you a real flavor of local life. It has everything you need.

The masía

A historical retreat on an organic vineyard in the Penedès Wine Region. The house has belonged to the same family since the XVII century. They are food and wine lovers and will share with us a decadent and healthy meal.

The workshops

The flowers

Founded by Carolina Spencer in 2014,
Matagalán collective believes in creative, playful and collaborative work, where art and design are always present, focusing on floral and sculptural elements to create dimension and space. Their passion lies in everything related to the world of plants and flowers.

The dining

The comfy

A gastronomic project by Tiberi Club; a vibrant hub aiming to reinvent food-related rituals and foster social connections. They create an experience, mixing natural wines with art, music and workshops. Yum-yum, glug-glug, blah-blah.

The artsy

A community creative space where we will curate a complete experience surrounded by art, music and food. The perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening to create community drives memories that bond people to each other.

We want to share
a sobremesa with you