Barcelona Immersions

The coolest and most engaging way to master your Spanish

November 10 – 16 · November 10 – 16 · November 10 – 16 · November 10 – 16 ·

A highly curated cultural experience focused on language and creativity,
meticulously crafted for the modern nomad, for the culture lover, for the curious creative.

Registration wraps up September 9th at 12 PM CET.
(*)Very limited space

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Early Bird 20% off for full payments before July 24th.

The highlights


Total Spanish immersion:
7 days, 6 nights.


Fully customized one-on-one lessons, optimized for each individual’s needs.


Dynamic group conversation lessons accelerating your path to fluency.


Daily check-ins and feedback exchange to assess the student’s progress.


Cultural workshops centered around language, led by some of the top local artists we love.


Visits to studios and galleries with insight from experts in the scene.


Private curated dining gatherings at exclusive locations.


Experiences that bring people together around shared interests and values.

The partners

(*) Seriously, we have the best team

The spaces

The house

Design-lovers, this one’s for you. With soaring arches, a curved bar, and peach plastered walls, The Hoxton, Poblenou pays homage to the vibrant style of the late, great architect Ricardo Bofill, who was a native of this culture-rich neighbourhood.

The school

A curated workspace and event space for an influential and creative collective, a nexus in which to develop connections and collaborations, and to realize ambitions. Designed and founded by Skye Maunsell and Jordi Veciana.

The masía

A historical retreat on an organic vineyard in the Penedès Wine Region. The house has belonged to the same family since the XVII century. They are food and wine lovers and will share a decadent and healthy meal with us.

The workshops

The flowers

Founded by Carolina Spencer in 2014,
Matagalán collective believes in creative, playful and collaborative work, where art and design are always present, focusing on floral and sculptural elements to create dimension and space.
Their passion lies in everything related to the world of plants and flowers.

The words

Words are the raw material Leticia Sala works with. After a couple of poetry collections, she makes the leap to prose with her first short-story book, ‘Los cisnes de Macy’s’, focused on the role technology plays in our lives, friendship and motherhood. She is also a screenwriter and lyricist. She finds ideas in flowers, airplanes, and supermarkets.

The wine

Suc Suc is the brainchild of sommeliers and communicators Ida Mogren and Benji Sher. Their natural wine courses are dynamic, unpretentious, and adapted to the learning needs of the professional and amateur students. 
An education hub and consulting agency for natural wine.

The dining

The comfy

A gastronomic project by Tiberi Club; a vibrant hub aiming to reinvent food-related rituals and foster social connections. They create an experience, mixing natural wines with art, music and workshops. Yum-yum, glug-glug, blah-blah.

The bodega

The very new bodega bar by chef Frank Boxer, founder of Londoner Franks Cafe in partnership with The Natural Wine Company This charming spot is quickly becoming a beloved and popular favorite in the city.

The artsy

A community creative space where we will curate the farewell event surrounded by art, music and food. The perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening, creating a community that drives memories and bonds people.

The art

The iconic

Since 1972, this furniture design company, comprising architects, publishers, and designers along with one of the founders, Oscar Tusquets, has been fostering progress and generating awareness about the potential of design.

The innovative

The first gallery to be devoted exclusively to 21st century collectible design that is linked to Barcelona. Born in 2011 under the management of Xavier Franquesa, a designer connected to the world of architecture and interior.

The eclectic

A vibrant ecosystem of contemporary art since 1990. Their open-door policy invites visitors to not only explore exhibitions but also step into artists’ studios, fostering direct connections and a deeper understanding of their work.

We want to share
a sobremesa with you

This is awesome!

Early Bird 20% off for full payments before July 24th.

A letter from the founder

Hi, I’m Lydia. Founder and creator of Sobremesa.Institute and our new highly curated cultural experience, Sobremesa.Immersions. Since I was a kid, I’ve had an unlimited curiosity for new and different things happening in the world and have always had the urge to get involved. For me, the real risk is not changing. I created Sobremesa.Immersions out of the need to offer a new kind of language-learning experience I couldn’t find anywhere else.

After years of teaching Spanish and leading language schools, I set out to develop a method that would transmit my values and beliefs, and Sobremesa.Institute is the place where all the things I care for come together. Sobremesa.Immersions is an extension of that method, one where language, creativity, beauty, and inspiration intertwine to create an elevated learning experience.

I deeply believe that beauty, in all its forms, is essential to our existence, and I passionately weave it into every aspect of my life. It manifests in the harmony I create in my environment, the thriving community I build, and the effective communication I facilitate between people. This is why I have hand-picked a selection of the most beautiful and inspiring spaces, individuals, and collectives to make the Sobremesa.Immersions experience one that we will never forget.

I love creating those special moments where people and creativity collide and spark something new and beautiful, where we come together and discover unique places and experiences. Being a ‘cultural curator’ means I get to create spaces to connect with like-minded creatives, put a spotlight on the latest and most inspiring individuals and projects coming out of Barcelona, and generate innovative experiences through the lens of language learning and culture.

I created Sobremesa.Immersions for me, and for you. A place where my dreams, values, interests, and expertise converge to provide a transformative experience for the people who would share a sobremesa with me. Now it’s time for us to create something beautiful.

With love,

Picture by Elea García

Our values

Beauty, care, attention to detail

Every element of our immersion program is designed to inspire and create an aesthetically pleasing environment to stimulate the senses and elevate the learning experience. From the venues, the food, and the partners, to the impecable organization of events and activities, we will provide an exceptional and memorable experience for every student from start to finish.

Community, connection, communication

We want to foster a strong sense of belonging by creating an environment where students can connect, share experiences, and build lasting relationships that extend beyond the immersion itself. Authentic and meaningful interactions are at the heart of our program, facilitating deep and enriching connections between individuals while engaging with the rich cultural tapestry of Barcelona.

Creativity and

We want to create an environment where innovation and imagination flourish, new ideas are born and divergent thinking thrives. Through our carefully curated cultural and educational experiences, participants are encouraged to tap into their inner creativity and draw inspiration from the vibrant surroundings of Barcelona.

Authenticity and uniqueness

Our program sets us apart from other educational or tourist offerings, providing privileged access to exclusive and personalized experiences that stand out for their singularity and authenticity. Our commitment to our values is reflected in the design of our activities, our selection of partners and our interaction with the city.

The program

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

07 Day

  • Breakfast at The Hoxton
  • Departure: private transfer to the airport

What’s included?


  • Detailed guide about the program
  • Welcome online meeting with our founder
  • Personalized Spanish assessment and a custom-made road-map of your course
  • Language learning resources
  • Group online session to introduce participants and team. Q&A
  • Community hub
  • Discounts at our favorite partner brands


  • All the transports including private transfer from/to the airport
  • 6 Nights accommodation
  • 6 Breakfasts
  • 4 Coffee breaks
  • 5 Lunches
  • 5 Dinners
  • Day trip to The masía
  • 12 Hours one-on-one course
  • 8 Hours group course
  • 6 Hours creative workshops
  • Feedback sessions
  • All materials and resources throughout the week
  • Graduation Diploma
  • Welcome meeting
  • Welcome gift
  • 24/7 Support
  • Networking opportunities
  • Discounts at our favorite partner brands


  • Continued language support
  • Community hub
  • Exclusive access to discounts and events
  • Discounts at our favorite partner brands

Get ready for your immersion

We highly recommend having a basic level of Spanish to fully take advantage of our Immersions.
If you want to level up your skills before the experience, we got you covered!

  • 5, 10 or 20 lessons
  • Each lesson is 90 minutes
  • Lessons available from Monday to Thursday
  • Schedule your lessons at your convenience within the given timeframe
  • Set the start of your lessons between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM CET

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Registration wraps up September 9th at 12 PM CET.
(*)Very limited space

Early Bird 20% off for full payments before July 24th.

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