A brief story of us

Why Sobremesa?

Sobremesa is a Spanish term that carries the weight of a culture, our culture. It begins once dessert ends; when time slows down, when voices meet and thoughts are shared, when words run freely to form conversations, when life takes place above and around a table.

It was during an enjoyable sobremesa that we came up with a beautiful idea: to develop the unconventional Spanish school that plays by new rules.

Once we’d established the inspiration for our project, we needed a label — which takes us to our next point.


Technically, we are a Spanish school. However, we believe that “institute” best conveys the ideas of equality and community behind our vision. We had found our label!

Because what school has its own Archive, provides curated playlists, contributes a percentage of its profits to support good causes, The Cause, and offers a special program, Barcelona Immersions, so that you can mingle with local artists?

Sobremesa Institute - join us

Why us?

After years of teaching Spanish and leading language schools, we set out to develop our own method that would transmit our values and beliefs.

We began by asking ourselves a very simple question:

What makes us tick?
The answer: words, spontaneity, movement and art.

Words are powerful

They trigger worlds of emotions. They are alive! Words rule our world and define our identity, and we would like to share them with you.

Spontaneity is a quality

When you’re spontaneous, you’re free of constraints. Our drive is to create the right environment so that nothing stands between you and learning Spanish.

Movement is change

Everything is in constant change. In life, you move on and move forward. We love travelling and found a way to incorporate movement with our unique language immersions.

Art is transformative

We want to transform the way a language is taught and make every step of the process count. Because words, like art, are also a form of expression.

The Cause

For us, sustainability is more than just our relationship with the planet. It’s also about caring for communities, students, and teachers.

There are countless good causes out there, but we’ve chosen to support those that are aligned with our heritage and values.

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