Barcelona Immersions

A language immersion reframing the way we live and interact

Sobremesa Institute - Inspirational Immersions

We think culture and creativity are key to generating an authentic, inclusive, and transformative experience.

Our life philosophy embraces the fine art of slowness. We want you to consciously reflect and engage in critical thinking, live encounters with real people, share and evolve through knowledge. We want you to pause and truly appreciate your time during your inspirational immersion.

Our Inspirational Spanish Immersions are designed for those who want to raise their game and take their learning experience a step further. We weave Spanish lessons with our charismatic Mediterranean culture to create a journey that will be simply unforgettable.

Practice the language,
live the culture

The details

Our passion for aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail enables us to craft inspiring Spanish immersions curated for unconventional and conscious travellers.

Stay at boutique hotels. Meet and connect with the creative community living in Barcelona. Surrender to the Mediterranean way of life and all that it entails while discovering unique locations. Get to know and experience what makes our Spanish culture so undeniably special.

Sobremesa Institute - Spanish Course Barcelona


7-day Spanish immersion.


3 hours lessons from Monday to Friday.


Weekend activities.


Available for up to 12 guests.


Tasteful accommodations.


Visit local artist studios.


Attend private events at exclusive locations.


Guests must be over 18.

We want to share a sobremesa with you.

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Barcelona Language Course